Hello and Welcome!

The  Idaho Parent Network for Children’s Mental Health is a volunteer organization created by parents for parents. Each member of the Parent Network has a child with mental health concerns and has struggled to find needed support and resources.

Navigating the system can be hard. As we worked our way through the various agencies, programs, and resources we felt alone and overwhelmed. Over time we started meeting other parents trying to navigate the same systems and we created a network to help us feel supported along the way.

In October of 2016 the Parent Network was born with representation from all regions of the state.  Our goal was to educate families about the changes coming to children’s mental health through the Youth Empowerment Services (YES) project and to work with the State of Idaho to make sure those changes would help our children.

As part of our mission, we work closely with the State to make sure parent voice is included during the development and implementation of YES.  We also create resources to help families navigate the system.  When looking at our resource page, you will find information we have gathered as we worked to get our children help.  Hopefully these resources are helpful.  If you have any resources you would like to see us add, or have collected information you would like to see posted, please let us know, because…

Together Our Voices Are Strong, Because Individually Our Stories Are Powerful!

If you are a parent of a child who has a mental health concern and you live in the State of Idaho, we want you to know you are already a part of us. We are here for you and you are not alone! If you would would like to help us reach more families, please tell your friends and like us on Facebook. If you have time or talents you would like to share, please contact us and let us know.