Years ago I participated in an online support group for parents of children with bi-polar disorder. We had long standing joke about “sending the plane” when a parent had reached the end of what they could do. What does the plane have to do with helping a caregiver you might ask?  Let me give you a little background.

The Island

The Island is a magical place where caregivers can go and relax.  The magic isn’t so much that there is an island, but that The Island offers you everything you need.  Some examples include:

  • Your loved ones are all taken care of on a neighboring island. This island is close enough for you to get a visual confirmation that they are okay, but magically far enough away that they can’t see you and you can’t hear them.  They are taken care of by mental health elves that guarantee stability while you are gone.  As a bonus, that stability will continue for 6-12 months after you leave The Island.
  • Nothing you are responsible for gets behind while you are on The Island.
  • All unfinished laundry, dishes, and household chores are completed and maintained by the magic elves as soon as you depart for The Island.
  • Your boss is glad you are on The Island and happily extends your vacation time indefinitely.
  • Nap time is whenever you want on The Island.
  • Everything tastes good and has no calories on The Island. (Allergies and food sensitivities disappear too!)
  • Residents of The Island are cured of all personal health issues.
  • All swimwear is flattering on The Island.
  • If you think it might be relaxing…it is available on The Island.
  • If you always wanted to try something, but couldn’t while being a caregiver, it is available on The Island.
  • If you could never finish a project at home, you can complete it without stress on The Island. As an added Island bonus, the results will be better than you imagined!
  • You will be good at everything you try on The Island.
  • You can invite any friend or group of friends you wish when visiting The Island, with the benefit that they will always be understanding and supportive going forward.
  • You will be given a written, funded and perfect game plan for all future mental health care on The Island.
  • You don’t have to leave The Island until you want to…whenever that is.

With such an amazing Island available to caregivers of children with mental health concerns, how is it that we are not all living there?

That is where the plane comes in.

The plane to The Island never stops at an airport, but will arrive at your front door (no security checks!) and will whisk you away to paradise.  The only catch you ask?  It must be sent to you by another parent who understands and “gets it.”

When another parent offers to send the plane they are telling you that they know it is time for you to take a step away and rediscover what it feels like to take a deep breath.

Far too often we feel alone on this journey and knowing that someone understands the path we are on is huge.  Our support network may not be able to fix the struggles we face, but with a good imagination and a quick trip on the plane, we can know that they see us and our struggles and care.

May I suggest that you introduce your fellow caregivers to The Island and send the plane to a friend today?

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