Drowning with My Hair on Fire
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Page Count: 344
Published: 2016-03-18
Relief for Adoptive Parents of Traumatized, Attachment-Challenged Children. . . Drowning with My Hair on Fire is a lifeline for adoptive parents trying to navigate the choppy waters of raising adopted children from difficult beginnings. Author Ce Eshelman's beautiful heart really shines through in the hundreds of letters to parents to read each day when needing hope, inspiration, advice, direction, reminders, or practical help. She deeply understands them and the chaos of their lives and…

Mom from Boise says:

Are you tired of the long books that tell you much of the same things before you get to the nugget of info that relates or is helpful to you?  Eshelman’s experience and understanding shines in these letters to parents that you can read each day.  When you’re needing (brief – some insights are less than a page) help, hope, inspiration, advice, direction or reminders, Eshelman, founder of The Attach Place Center for Strengthening Relationships and in practice since 1987, with her wry humor and serious insight can make your next few hours or days less heavy.  Here’s an example:  “A shame-free life feels like walking on marshmallows.”  My copy has a lot of tabbed pages! (I couldn’t find this in my library.)