How to Advocate Successfully for Your Child: What Every Parent Should Know about Special Education Law
***Winner of 5 National Book Awards, including 2016 Outstanding Human Relations Advocacy Indie Book*** In this new book, Greer M. Gurland, Esq., Harvard Law School, '94, delivers a mega-dose of power for parents with passion and insight. Greer is a seasoned special education attorney--and a mom of five special needs children--who clearly works hard to level the playing field for parents. On each page, she demystifies special education law and answers the most troubling questions…

Parent from Chubbuck says:

Don’t let the crazy long title intimidate you! This is a great book about navigating the IEP process. It’s maybe 100 pages long and is easy to read. The author is a mom to special needs kiddos and is an attorney so she understands the legal jargon and puts it in simple, understandable terms. She lays out the IEP process and how to prepare for meetings. She uses her own experience as a guide to the most important steps and how to build a good relationship with schools. I have read this book cover to cover twice and reference it often when it’s time for a meeting or I want something new in my sons IEP.