The Price of Silence: A Mom's Perspective on Mental Illness
The author of “I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother” speaks out about mental illness. Like most of the nation, Liza Long spent December 14, 2012, mourning the victims of the Newtown shooting. As the mother of a child with a mental illness, however, she also wondered: “What if my son does that someday?” The emotional response she posted on her blog went viral, putting Long at the center of a passionate controversy. Now, she takes the…

A Parent in Iona says:

Reading this book was a turning point in our journey with raising children with mental illness. It brought a sense of peace and comfort to know that we were NOT alone. It validated the thoughts, feelings, and experiences we have had raising children with extremely difficult behaviors and being blamed by family, friends, neighbors, professionals, law enforcement, and society as a whole.

The author brings awareness to the many systems we interact with and difficulties we face getting the proper support, care, and resources we need to help our loved ones. I believe this book is for everyone, not just families with mental illness. If all teachers, social workers, law enforcement, law makers, all medical and mental health providers, friends, neighbors, families, and society as a whole read this book and let it penetrate their hearts, it would bring about a mighty change for good.