Children’s Mental Health In Idaho: Crisis Response, Desired Services, Insurance, and Communication

Survey Results: April 2017 to October 2018

Soon after the creation of the Idaho Parent Network we sent a survey out to parents across Idaho. After 18 months of data collection, we gathered your feedback, crunched the numbers, and came up with the results presented below.

The data we collected is important for a few reasons:

  • This is data specific to Idaho, and that means it reflects the people who live here and access the same services we all use.
  • It tells us that we are not alone. If there is one overall theme to this data, it is that we are the same.  Rural and urban communities have similar access issues.  Families with private insurance, Medicaid, or both, still face denials of service. Over 70% of our families self report experiencing a crisis but only 29% felt they got the help they needed in their community.
  • We are successfully communicating with each other, and reaching families all over the state.  The data collected represents most of the populated areas of the state.  As parents, our network is expanding and we are banding together to give our feedback and have our voices heard.

As we use this data to improve the children’s mental health system in Idaho, please be sure to look for the survey currently posted and give your feedback.  These results prove that…Together Our Voices Are Strong!

Note: If you have trouble viewing the survey results on this page, you may view them here.